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Dear Sir or Madam,

We provide a comprehensive diagnostic, advisory and therapeutic service, which can be conducted in your own language if you are able to provide a translator. You may wish to travel from your home country or arrange an appointment via the medical services of your Consulate. Appointment arrangements can be made in either German or English. In order to establish possible areas of difficulty for your child, an initial consultation with me will be followed by one of our psychologists, and a biographical history of the parents will be compiled.

3-5 Tests will be administered using standard questionnaires to measure the verbal and physical development and the emotional sensitivity of your child. Furthermore video- observation may be used as a method. During the testing, the basic mood, ability to concentrate, attitude to work and the general motivation of your child will be assessed. Completion of all the tests, including pauses between them will require about one hour. Please give your child something to drink, and perhaps bring something to eat, such as a fruit or chocolate bar. The tests will then be evaluates and the results will be discussed in a consultation with me.

You will be asked to fill out some questionnaires asking about your own observations and assessment of your child. In addition, you may also receive questionnaires for one or more of your child´s school teachers, or kindergarten personnel, or equivalent, which can be filled out later and sent to us by mail or fax.

An evaluation of all material, including the testing and the questionnaires provided by you and by teachers will be compiled in a specialist opinion, to be discussed with me at our next appointment, whose date and time should be agreed during your initial appointment. At this time, we will discuss and consider which measures you can take for your child that may be offered in your home country e.g. occupational therapy, concentrations training, psychotherapy, social skills training, medication, dyslexia therapy or others. In addition we offer neurofeedback as a very effective and scientifically reliable treatment method.

Before beginning a medication therapy you will receive a special information brochure in which medical examinations that are necessary are detailed. To implement these, we will establish contact with the appropriate medical personnel.

A further appointment with me can be arranged by specialists or clinics, usually after 6-12 months, and, naturally, at any time if there are problems or you wish to discuss something.

We would be glad to greet you in our practice.

Thilo Palloks

Specialist in Child- and Youth- psychiatry and psychotherapy

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